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Rugged Mountain Sheds are the toughest, most durable sheds available.

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What makes our sheds better?

Steel Joists & Studs.

Stainless Steel Runners.

Aluminum Diamond Plate Floor.

No pad necessary.

Ultra-portable – Move many times without abusing structure.


No Termite Damage.


Fire Resistant.

Low Maintenance.

Custom color, size & designs available.

Top Models

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Why Choose a Metal Shed?

The custom-build shed market is vast. You have many options to consider when shopping for your shed, and seemingly infinite choices in shed-makers.

Especially in the Lancaster, PA area, we understand that shopping for a shed for your backyard tools, equipment or other valuables can be overwhelming.

That's why we've built a shed to stand out from the rest. Rugged Mountain Sheds aren't wood-and-nail sheds. They're constructed from durable, long-lasting materials like steel, aluminum-plating and stainless steel. Our sheds are welded for strength, and can be moved several times without damaging the structure.

Our clients store a wide variety of valuable materials in our sheds because of their resistance to pests, rodents, termites and even fire damage.

As you're shopping for your metal shed built with the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail, we're looking forward to working with you to customize yours.

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